Statement from Biden for President Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield on Senator Warren’s Recent Comments on Health Care and Taxes

The American people have to be able to trust whoever our party nominates to take on Donald Trump to be straight with them about health care. Senator Warren said tonight that her single payer plan won’t raise taxes on anyone but billionaires, but that’s simply not true. Her plan would create a new tax on employers of almost $9 trillion that would come out of workers’ pockets, a new financial transaction tax that would impact investments held by middle class Americans, and a new capital gains tax that would affect far more people than she stated tonight.

What’s more, Senator Warren has been lowballing the cost of her plan by well over $10 trillion while overcounting the revenue that would be gained from the sources she identifies. The bottom line? Even more tax increases on the middle class will be inevitable.

Senator Warren has spent months dodging questions about how she’d need to raise taxes on the American middle class in order to pay for her single payer health care plan, and on Friday she confirmed why: because her plan would. As Vice President Biden said yesterday, it’s time to be straight with voters, get real about health care, stop trying to have it every which way on this issue, and protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act.


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